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Supercharge Your Facebook Ad Strategy with these 3 important Ingredients

Unless you just updated your Facebook Ad Strategy, you need to read this.

Facebook advertising is among the most effective methods of digital marketing available. However, it’s not easy. With the sheer amount of competition and the capability (and the responsibility) to continuously modify your advertisements by looking at numerous metrics, It’s tempting to “set it and forget it” when you create your first strategy. Avoid that!

Facebook ad strategy is evolving, and the same goes for your clients’ expectations. Here we’ll present three concepts to supercharge your current approach.

Even with the massive iOS 14 update, Facebook remains a significantly cost-effective marketing strategy. So, with that in mind, whenever there’s an important change to a platform, it’s the right time for every company to conduct a little plan refresh…

We’ve taken the time to analyze and discuss our Facebook ad strategy, and for this post, we’re going to provide you with some of our top ingredients to refresh your strategy. Use them in conjunction with your current marketing campaign and analytics to develop a new approach to boost your results.

Facebook Ad Strategy ; It’s More Divine to Combine

With the increasing number of online marketing strategies, the more difficult it has been for marketing professionals to understand and integrate them into a comprehensive marketing strategy. Each method has its curve for creativity and proficiency, and even more importantly, the strategies themselves evolve rapidly as time passes. Due to this, it’s imperative to look back every couple of months and examine how elements of your marketing plan work together.

Naturally, Facebook is among the components. In Facebook, you have your social media presence, ads as well as community management. While these elements are typically separated, this can weaken each of them.

The ideal is that everything you post on Facebook is supposed to have a similar theme or message (we refer to it as Your Brand Voice). There’s nothing more frustrating than getting overly excited about an advertisement only to discover that the most engaging element of a brand was the advertisement (think about the last time you were excited about a movie and then realized it was not worth your time).

It is essential to develop an outline of rules for each part of your Facebook presence abides by. Here are a few things to be considered:

  1. Which adjectives would you choose if you had to describe your brand’s image as a person?
  2. What colors are associated with your brand? And what proportion of the time should you use them?
  3. What is your strategy for positioning your brand’s image in the viewers’ minds? Are you an authority figure or a friend?

These questions are directly related to your general Brand Voice, so be sure to look into that for more information. Once you’ve established that up, you can use these questions to develop an overall your Facebook ad strategy marketing efforts:

  1. Are your most popular posts integrated into your advertisements (and reverse)?
  2. Does your commenting voice match your posting/advertising voice?
  3. If you arranged your previous post, advertisement, and your comment would appear like they were from the same source?

Facebook Ad Strategy ; VIDEOS!

Videos are something you still should think about. The stats for video content in both advertising and content marketing need to be taken seriously. Thank you 99Firms with these numbers:

  • 500 million people are viewing 100 million hours of Facebook videos every day.
  • Facebook was able to earn 24.5 percent of all video advertising spending in the USA in 2018.
  • 47% of people view more videos via Facebook than any other channel.
  • 71% of users believe that Facebook videos are highly pertinent.

Even more fascinating than those numbers is this:

Facebook Ad Strategy video advertisements are 10% of the cost of single image or carousel ads.

Videos are a must! It’s not easy to create videos than images or graphics, or carousel. You’re not likely to be content with the added abilities, knowledge, and time required to make videos instead of other approaches. Sure, you’ll appreciate the tips when the video advertisements begin to kill it.

Making videos can do more for your marketing than simply increasing the return on advertising. The process of creating video advertisements requires more thought, effort, and a residual piece of content that could be used to enhance other elements of your advertising.

In the example above, creating a storyboard requires you to create an overall message and goal that forces you to adopt thinking like your prospective client. Creating your shoot, creating your animations and graphics, and writing your narration and/or getting your actors or spokespeople ready can result in material that can be reused into various content used on blogs, social media, or marketing materials.

Facebook Ad Strategy ; It’s Time, Let’s Get Real

Your potential customers are looking at a large number of advertisements. If you’re a marketer, you might enjoy seeing these ads because they provide suggestions on how you can improve yours. If you’re not, you’re likely to scroll by quickly and may become angry along the way.

Everyone is looking for engaging content (content related to your favorite brands or hobbies, interests, and even people) or content related to your network (pictures of your family and friends and updates on individuals you cherish, etc.). The content you post can be extremely enjoyable or very useful ( Facebook Ad Strategy )

Native videos uploaded to Facebook get shared 487% more often than videos from different sources. Although this is a remarkable statistic for your Facebook video advertising plans. Still, you must remember that the vast majority of content on Facebook is created by users and shared by friends of the user.

The key point is that you must begin making your Facebook ad strategy much more “real” if you want to increase their popularity. For example, advertisements that feature user-generated content or, at a minimum, look to be created by users, could be the way to increase conversions.

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