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6 Tips For eCommerce In Marketing For Great Holiday Sales

The holiday season is here, and there’s never been a better time for eCommerce! So seize this prime opportunity to skyrocket your sales with a robust eCommerce in marketing strategy and tried-and-tested eCommerce marketing tips tailored to the holidays.

If there is any good to come out of the health crisis in 2020, it’s that consumers adjusted to purchasing online, and brands embraced eCommerce digital marketing. As a result, the 2020 holidays saw an astounding 32.2 percent increase in online purchases from 2019 (CNBC). What’s more, we saw an early start to the holiday shopping season – three out of every ten shoppers started as early as October (Coresight Research) instead of the usual Black Friday at the end of November.

While the global pandemic pushed people online specifically as a way to avoid crowds, eCommerce franchise experts (and even Black Friday organizers) predict similar spending habits and steady eCommerce growth in the coming years. Still, the holidays are the best time for sales, and competition is tough, so you have everything to gain from positioning your eCommerce marketing strategy ahead of the holiday rush.

Read on to discover what eCommerce marketing is, expert-approved tips for eCommerce in marketing, and some of the best strategies for eCommerce in marketing to boost your holiday sales. Find eCommerce site marketing tips that are useful for everyone, from mom-and-pop store owners to eCommerce franchisees.

6 Practical eCommerce Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Your Holiday Sales

While the holidays can provide excellent eCommerce digital marketing results, finding success doesn’t come without challenges. For instance, a mom-and-pop store might not have the eCommerce site marketing knowledge to pivot quickly. In contrast, an eCommerce franchise might have logistics-focused priorities during peak sales seasons.

Not to worry, we’ve collected a list of simple and actionable tips for eCommerce in marketing any business owner can implement to capitalize on the increased consumer spending during the holiday season. This list covers tips for eCommerce in marketing strategy to carry out before, during and after the holiday season for the best results.

Get started on these tips for eCommerce in marketing:

1. Decorate

People decorate their homes to get into the holiday spirit, and sprucing up your website can get customers into the buying mood. Have a holiday-themed web design, create festive social media posts and offer gift-wrapping or holiday packaging. For multi-location businesses, ensure your online franchise store has a consistent look and feel across all website versions and put the same effort into decorating your physical locations.

2. Release a Holiday Marketing Video

After your static elements are in place, you can increase your impact with a unique and emotional holiday video ad. Nothing kicks off the holidays quite like a heartwarming video. What’s more, videos steal attention, engage and get shared 1,200 percent more than links and text combined, so consider including various video types in your social media content as well.

3. Create Helpful Content

The holidays are hectic, and since your clients are focused on holiday arrangements, you might as well be there with them. For example, you can create a blog post on preparing your home for Christmas to promote your scented candles or make a social media post on what to check in your house before hardware shops close up for the holidays to promote your home repair services.

This way, you stay relevant and valuable to your target audience and use keywords that help your eCommerce search engine optimization (SEO) efforts behind the scenes. It will take time for your holiday content to pick up on search results, so get started on your content marketing as soon as possible.

4. Offer Limited-Time Promotions

Everyone understands that discounts and deals are sufficient during the holidays, but setting a time limit is essential for eCommerce product marketing. Countdown timers instill a feeling of urgency, make your potential clients prioritize you over your competitors, and increase revenue by as much as 9 percent.

5. Give Your Customers a Gift

Aside from special offers to boost purchases, consider giving your customers gifts – it’s the season of giving, after all. The gift can be a free shipping voucher, giveaways, or even a gift of appreciation. The simplest gestures and thank yous mean a lot to your clients – and can surprisingly improve your eCommerce product marketing by helping them memorize your brand.

6. Design an Email Marketing Campaign

When you invest in excellent content and come up with enticing promotions, you want to guarantee that your potential customers know about them. Email takes you directly to your target audience’s inbox, giving you a high chance of being noticed. Consider designing a drip campaign to send out further targeted and personalized emails.

Get Started on a Full eCommerce Digital Marketing Strategy.

If your business isn’t now equipped with eCommerce and marketing strategies, it’s time to move. Nurturing an outstanding overall customer experience puts you leaps ahead of your opponents, especially during the holiday season. But you can only obtain the benefits if you start now, build momentum and position your business uniquely.

Working with industry experts on an overarching holiday eCommerce in marketing strategy is exactly how to market eCommerce the best way.

Edgy Brain Marketing Agency is a full-service eCommerce marketing agency growing businesses of all sizes. We customize a holistic strategy for eCommerce in marketing to increase your holiday sales according to your specific goals. We also use analytics data to help you identify the most effective strategies for eCommerce in marketing for your online franchise store. Contact us today to place your business in record-high holiday sales.

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