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Important Local SEO Statistics You Should Know in 2022

Local search engine optimization (Local SEO) is a typical method of SEO that involves implementing strategies that increase your business’s local exposure. By improving your website’s search performance, your intended audience will be able to locate your business faster when searching for products similar to yours. This is the power of local SEO.

Did you know that the majority of businesses do not succeed in local SEO not because they lack the resources but due to an ineffective strategy? So even if you’re working with a local SEO agency or one of the top companies that offer local SEO services, Your local SEO marketing strategies will eventually be unsuccessful if you don’t have an effective strategy.

This blog will look at the local SEO statistics that can help guide your strategy-building process. This local SEO statistics compilation for 2022 contains some fascinating local SEO stats and local SEO strategies that will assist you in improving the effectiveness of your regional SEO marketing strategies and guarantee success.

Local SEO Statistics

Did you know that you could cut down on local SEO costs by properly optimizing your SEO strategy? The trick is to understand how your targeted customers behave to determine the most effective methods. Here are some statistics to help you get started.

  • Ninety percent of users have searched the web to find businesses within their area: In this digital age, people are using the power of search engines to find information about local businesses.
  • A recent study of the local SEO revealed that 82 percent of customers read reviews about businesses when they conduct an online search for local companies: According to the same study conducted by BrightLocal, consumers trust the online review more than other information found online since they are considered personal recommendations.
  • An average consumer takes 13 minutes and 45 seconds perusing reviews online before making a choice: It’s not a secret that reviews from customers have the power to influence purchasing decision-making. Based on the local SEO statistics above, consumers can find out more about a company by reading online reviews. However, they don’t simply read what’s available They search for it. This is why it’s essential to maintain a stellar online profile.

Google My Business Statistics

Making a Google My Business (GMB) profile is a must to get maximum exposure within your area. However, to get the most benefit, you must know how to make full use of its features. Are you not convinced yet? Let us look at some Google My Business stats to guide you in your direction.

  • Around three-in-five (56 percent) local companies have abandoned their GMB listings not claimed: Most businesses haven’t yet claimed the GMB listings, as per Google My Business stats provided by LSA Insider. However, if you are a local business, it is essential to claim your listings. Why? Because it has a wealth of vital information that your potential customers must be aware of before making a purchase. Your address, contact number, directions, and operating hours must be readily accessible to customers. After all, the easier you make it for them, the more likely they’ll visit your store.
  • A staggering 86 % of users rely heavily on Google Maps to find the address of a business: Google Maps is one of the top location tools available to users today. Because of its accessibility and how easy it is to understand why people rely on the application to locate details about the businesses they’d like to visit. If your listing is not claimed and users don’t click on it, they will find an empty listing. Even more, Google might cache the incorrect information, which could lead to an indefinite impact and a negative image of your business.
  • Businesses noticed an increase of 61 percent in the number of calls from January to July 2020 due to the Google My Business listing: According to the data of Small Business Trends, businesses noticed a 61% increase in calls between July and January 2020, based on their listings for businesses. Of course, this occurred at a time when some companies were forced to close. The majority of the calls were made during the epidemic’s peak as people logged into their favorite shops and asking about any changes in their operations. This is a perfect illustration of the benefits of local SEO marketing that is done correctly.

Local SEO Stats for Mobile Users

The number of mobile phone users globally is increasing steadily. This means that many people will be using their smartphones to locate you. Take a look at the following statistics on mobile SEO to help you implement a local strategy.

  • Over half of internet users (52.94 percent) use mobile devices for local searches: Users rely on mobile devices more and more for seeking out information on local businesses. More than thirty percent of mobile searches are related to location. Fifty-four percent of these are people seeking out business hours for the local shop.
  • About 84 percent of the “near me” searches are on mobile devices: With more than 5.27 billion users on mobile across the globe, so it’s not a surprise that the vast majority of queries with a local focus are made via mobile. Common queries include “where to buy [items] near me,” which was up by 200 percent, as well as “store open near me,” which grew up to 250 percent between the years 2017 and 2019, respectively.
  • About 67 percent of mobile users tend to purchase from businesses that have location-optimized mobile sites: More than 97 billion local searches occur each month through mobile. Even capturing a tiny fraction of these searches could be a massive boost for your company. To achieve this effectively, you need to have a website optimized locally for mobile users.
  • Seventy-six percent of people who conduct local searches using their phones end up visiting the business within a single day: If you’re wondering whether the cost of local SEO is worth it, these local SEO stats will point you in an appropriate direction. The staggering 76% of people who search on mobile are drawn to the store because of the information they discover on the internet. Furthermore, 28 percent of those search results even lead to the purchase.

Google 3-Pack Statistics

It is important to note that the Google Local Pack and your GMB profile work together in helping to make your business noticeable to your intended audience. Look over these Google My Business stats to assist you in optimizing your profile for local 3-Pack.

  • The Google 3-Pack shows up at the top of the search results 95 percent of the times: When a search has a local intention, Google presents the top results within a group of three that includes businesses that are closely related to the query. The results are given top priority ranking in 93 percent of all searches through Google, which offers your company the most exposure by appearing the results.
  • Companies that are ranked within the Local 3 Pack benefited from at least 100 percent more clicks: Optimizing your company’s GMB profile will give you the highest chance of being included in Google’s 3-Pack with specific results. The results are considered to be the most relevant or the top choices of Google. As per Google My Business statistics, being on the list can entitle users to up to a hundred percent additional clicks.
  • The majority of the businesses featured on the Local Pack, the second spot, had the highest interactions, with 123 percent: When it comes to natural results, this is the first page that gets the most clicks. But, as Google My Business stats reveal that the local 3-Pack doesn’t perform that way. A study conducted by MomentFeed revealed that the second spot has the highest engagement, generating more clicks at 123%. In comparison, the third and first positions receive 112% and 104% higher clicks than natural results, respectively.
  • Seventy-five percent of users don’t even go past the first page to get the results they’re seeking: When you look at these local SEO stats from a different angle, you will see that most users trust what they find on the first page of results. The reality is that searches rarely get past the top three organic results since they receive 75 percent of clicks. Do you know what’s more interesting? Consumers are more trusting of 3-Pack listings than paid and organic search results together.

Local SEO Trends

Keep at the forefront of technology and ensure the future security of your business by being aware of the trends that are emerging. Then, knowing what you have to be prepared for, you will develop the right strategy to benefit your company over time. In this section, we will share some trends in local SEO that could impact your business shortly.

1. Zero-click searches are on the rise.

Zero-click search happens when users have the answer to their query without opening a link to an online page. In the year 2019, it was reported that over 50% of these searches were zero-click. This number has since risen in the context of the 3 Pack as well as local SEO developments. This underscores the necessity of optimizing your company in local SEO to take advantage of the search intent.

2. Voice search is the future of local SEO.

Local SEO statistics 2022 released by BrightLocal revealed that up to 75 percent of the people with smart speakers use these devices to conduct local searches. Finding a way to rank your website highly for these searches could be a challenge but. Search terms that are voice-based tend to be longer since it’s the way people talk. Understanding how voice searches work and how people communicate during these searches is crucial to optimizing your site for local voice searches. Think about employing a local SEO company to help you create the best strategy for your website using its local SEO services.

3. There is an enhanced focus on intent.

Google recently announced one of the most significant algorithm changes in recent years, placing more emphasis on search intent rather than the actual keywords used. It determines the relevance of the search query by determining its purpose and then delivering the most relevant results to your query. Google interprets such queries as “best plumber” or “fresh shrimp” as a desire to buy; therefore, it will provide location-based results. This is why, when you optimize your GMB listing, make sure to keep it updated with new content, and you’ll be well on your way to getting high local SEO positions.


Local search was once reserved for tourists or those who had relocated to a new city, but that’s not the case anymore. Many people are using local Google searches to find pertinent details about local companies. When you’re successful with your Local SEO actions, you will unlock many opportunities to transform your local listings into a helpful development tool.

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